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Starting a new business. Congratulations!
We’ll make sure you get started on the right foot.

Starting a new business is both exciting and an all consuming undertaking! Getting your bookkeeping, compliance and reporting set up correctly at the start is a key success factor. This will allow you to keep on top of your numbers and obligations.

We can help you start off on the right foot. We can get you set up correctly and under control, so you can focus on what is most important – your new business!

Paying too much? We promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our pricing.

Do you feel that you’re paying too much for what you receieve? Bookkeeping pricing can vary greatly due to a number of factors, however, if you feel you’re not getting the value you need, perhaps it’s time to look elsewhere.

At Pocket, we offer fixed fee bookkeeping services. This means you will only pay the same amount each month – No surprises. We are able to provide a quote after a short assessment of your bookkeeping requirements. Also, no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Books a mess? We’ll get you back on track and keep you moving forward.

You’ve been busy and business is booming, unfortunately this has come at a cost. Your books are a mess and you don’t know who owes what, what was due when, and if all of your efforts are actually growing your business.

We take on clients of all types, including those who may not have given much attention or thought to their bookkeeping so far. We can salvage, turn around and improve upon the current state of your accounts with a view to take the stress and worry away.

Abandoned by your bookkeeper? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered.

On good or bad terms, your bookkeeper has moved on and you’re left to pick up the pieces. We can pick up where your previous bookkeeper left off and get you back on track!

As soon as you jump on board,our experienced team will get to know you and your business, and help you with everything you need.

Lean Bookkeeping The Pocket Process
The Pocket Process

A look at how we make the magic happen.

Lean Bookkeeping Bookkeeping Services
Bookkeeping Services

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Lean Bookkeeping Payroll Services
Payroll Services

Taking care of your payroll is all part of our service.

Lean Bookkeeping Taxation Services
Taxation Services

Need Taxation Services – we can help here too!


If you are interested in a complete practice set up or want more information on our Services, let’s start a conversation on how it all works!

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